Republic of Macedonia is the fifth country in the world with cyrilic IDNccTLD .МКД

With the introduction of the national cyrillic domain (.мкд) in international internet space, we made one step forward in the consolidation of the Macedonian language and alphabet, which is only a continuation of the great works of the Macedonians throughout the past.

This was emphasized by the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, at today’s presentation of the Cyrillic domain which was held at the Institute for Macedonian Language “Krste Misirkov” in Skopje. Together with the director of the Macedonian academic research network – MARnet Saso Dimitrijoski and Director of the Institute, Goce Cvetanovski, the Minister presented several examples of national domains that contain Cyrillic letters characteristic of the Macedonian alphabet.

“With the national domain (.мкд) end users will be able to register websites in Cyrillic that until now was not possible, that will include specific letters of our alphabet as Љ, Њ, Ѓ, Ж, Ч, Ш, Џ. Examples include чентпо.мкд, чаир.мкд, ѓорчепетров.мкд, љубаништа.мкд, маџармаало, коњаник.мкд, живојно.мкд, жабени.мкд and many other examples. “- Said the Мinister.

He added that with this more content would be created in Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet, a factor which follow many global institutions for development of information society.

This represents a big step forward in the battle of Macedonia and the Macedonian people to fight the injustices imposed by some of our neighbors who continually ignore, undermining and do not admit existence of a Macedonian language. A great achievement for us is that we managed to won another legal and political battle at international level, but it took a lot of patience, a lot of lobbying, hard work by all parties involved in this process. “- added Ivanovski.

After Russia, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, Macedonia will be the fifth country in the world that will have the Cyrillic version of the national domain.

The Institute for Macedonian Language “Krste Misirkov” expressed gratitude to the Macedonian government and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, for showing concern about the protection of the Macedonian language and its Cyrillic alphabet, as most essential attributes of the Macedonian national identity.

Director of MARnet Sasho Dimitrijoski referred to technical process of registration of Macedonian national Cyrillic domain, adding that it was put in an official request of the Republic of Macedonia submitted to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is expected from organization IANA, which is under the jurisdiction of the National IT Agency of the United States, soon to enter .мкд domain in the root zone.

The minister thanked the Macedonian citizens, who vote by survey and chose domain (.мкд) and the Institute for Macedonian Language “Krste Misirkov” to MARnet, many NGOs and the academic sector to the representative of ICANN , Veni Markovski, and all others who were actively involved in the entire process.