.mk & .мкд

National domain (ccTLD) of the Republic of Macedonia .mk is present in the global internet space over 20 years and is an important national resource. The total number of registered domains .mk more than thirty-five thousand and is growing daily.

In the primary domain .mk organized following secondary domains:








National Cyrillic domain (IDNccTLD) .мкд was introduced in 2014 and has an important role in the preservation of the Macedonian language and alphabet on the Internet. The Republic of Macedonia is the fifth country in the world that has a national Cyrillic domain and a unique opportunity for linguistic and geographic recognition in the global information society, numbering in the ranks of the world’s great powers also follow this example.

More information about the rules for registration of a national domain (.mk or .мкд) can be found in Manuel, which you can download here.

State authorities of the Republic of Macedonia, institutions and other organizations established by Constitution and law as well as public enterprises and local government units and the City of Skopje (Article 7 of the Manuel) can register a new domain in MARnet as registrar. All other physical and legal entities ( domestic or foreign) registration of new domain can make with the mediation of registrar.

The list of registrars you can see here.

Documents required for registration of domain in MARnet:

The domain registration form (with marked Domain registration marked) is submitted to the Archives of MARnet or sent by mail to the address:

Blvd: Partizanski Odredi br.17
1000 Skopje

Once the domain will be registered, invoice will be generated and sent to registrant in the original by post mail. Also at the request of registrant invoice can be sent electronically to the e-mail address of registrant.

Changes of data for domains which are registered with the mediation of registrar, you should ask to be realized in the registrar. In the MARnet’s register, you can check where your domain is registered and which data for the domain is written in the database.

For registered domain name can make the following changes:

– Changing the registrant of the domain (from one subject to another);

– Change of registrant data (name, address, phone, etc.);
– Administrative and technical contact (with the appointment of new authorized persons);

– Data about administrative and technical contact (e-mail address or phone);

– Name servers (by submitting the information for at least two new namespace servers);

To change the domain registrant should be submitted two Domain request forms, filled as follows:
• Domain request form with marked Change of the registrant shall be submitted to the Archives of MARnet by the current registrant (one that requires a change).
• Domain request form with marked Domain registration submitted by the new registrant (the one that will continue to be the domain registrant).
• A document of the current status from the Central Register of Republic of Macedonia from the new registrant.
For any other request to change the domain data MARnet accept:

• Request sent form the e-mail address of the authorized persons for the domain.
• Domain request form with marked activity Domain data change submitted to the Archives of MARnet by registrant.

Domain can be deleted at the request of the domain registrant or the system can automatically delete it, due to delayed extension of the registration of the domain.

1. At the request of domain registrant, the domain is deleted by submitting a Domain request form, with marked activity domain deletion, if it settled all financial obligations.

2. Automatic deletion of the domain occurs when the domain will not be renewed within the time frame provided for it.

If the domain is not renewed by the date on which the registration expires, enters the protected period of 120 (one hundred and twenty) days and within that period you cannot make any changes for the domain.

If the domain is not renewed in the first sixty (60) days from the protected period, the domain is deleted from the DNS (only remains visible in the Register of MARnet).

After expiry of the latter sixty (60) days from the protected period, the domain is deleted from the Register of MARnet and is free for registration by any interested party.

Domain can be deleted and other grounds, described in the Manuel.

The extension of the registration of the domain can be made for at least 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

Extension of registration of domain that is registered with one of the registrars shall be made with the respective registrar. Registrant of domain require from registrar renewal of the domain.

If the domain is registered in MARnet, the extension of the registration of the domain is done once a year, at the earliest 30 days before the expiration of the domain in MARnet (with payment of the annual fee for domain).

Registrant of the domain may require written notification of the registered domain at MARNet. At the written request of registrant, MARnet issue written Domain Authorization Letter with the data recorded in Registar of MARnet. The confirmation can be issued on the basis of submitted request for domain authorization Letter and proof of payment.

The request have to be submitted in original together with proof of payment.

The following link below to see an example of properly completed payment, thus the purpose of payment specify the attestation of domen.

MARnet contact the registrant when the certificate can be obtained.