Registry system

Registry system for management of .mk and .мкд  zone  use registration system FRED. Communication between registrars and registry system is via EPP protocol (according to RFC 3730-3734) with several modifications and extensions. The communication goes through the use of SSL security TCP connection. The description of the communications protocol including extensions, can be found in this document.

Test for authorized users

The system is only available to authorized users. This system is identical to the production and it can test all the functionalities it offers.

Access to test system is authorized by SSL certificate and private SSL key, taken personally by candidates for registrars along with the username and password.

MARnet reserves the right to suspend or to make changes to the system including completely erase the data from Register.

Services URL of the services
Whois web port 80
Whois via whois server port 43. Command whois -h domain_name
EPP interface, port 700


Download technical documentation

Download the constrains of EPP elements

Download fred-client

Download the XSD schemes for the test system

Download ROOT CA

Test phases

General conditions

Click here to download the General conditions