Environmental Sustainability Policy

Macedonian academic research network is highly aware of the energy consumption. In order to ensure environment sustainability, economical effectiveness and efficient management of the operations and equipment, we work on establishment of standards for economical environmental performance.

Our good environmental practice, highlighted in the maxima – Think globally, act locally is implemented in MARnet’s business activities, daily operations and in maintenance and development of the whole academic and research network.

It is emphasized the role of every individual in the organization and  internet community and the obligation to control greenhouse gases, pollution, other emission sources and energy consumption especially in PoPs and Data Centres.

In accordance with the above mentioned, our environment policy based on:

Apply protective rules, standards and measures that are not present in the current laws.

Respect the environment, mankind, society and their connectedness and coexistence.

Monitor the energy and material needs and general energy consumption.

Save the available resources and getting the energy saving equipment

Support staff in any initiative, idea or action plan for saving energy from the largest consumers.

Promote the best way of using the equipment in saving energy mode through different “greening” practices.

Share ideas, experiences and initiatives within MARnet and other interested parties in foreign institutions in order to make stabile and profound environmental policy.

Participate in events, research activities and projects for discovering new innovations in Green ICT.


DOWNLOAD Environmental Sustainability Policy HERE