Internet exchange point

The definition of the European Internet Exchange Association – EURO-IX says: “Physical network infrastructure that is operated by a single entity, in order to simplify the exchange of Internet traffic between autonomous systems. The number of connected autonomous systems should be at least three and at the same time there should be a clear and open policy that allows introduction of other interested parties. Public Internet exchange point IX, technically means a separate LAN network (IX LAN) placed on a security location that provides exchange of Internet traffic between all providers – members of the IX point.

From our side

After the adoption of the proposal for establishment of public Macedonian Internet exchange point by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, MARnet made an action plan for the formation and construction of MatrIX, within MARNet as an independent institution. The required regulation in the electronic communications conducted by the Agency for Electronic Communications provides conditions for development of competition and further liberalization, but the experience of developed countries shows that the establishment of public internet exchange points in the countries in which ISPs connect to each other and exchange Internet traffic – IX (Internet eXchange) is a factor that provides strong further development of the Internet, i.e. the information society in the country.


- Macedonia will gain national recognition on the world internet map of national public access points and Internet exchange points.
– Better regional connectivity, increasing overall reliability in the use of Internet (eg buying and selling online), optimization and rationalization of Internet protocols and network resources, less delay transmission, security, reliability, opening up new opportunities and offer new content.
– Entrance of new international ISPs and their establishment in the Republic of Macedonia.
– Development of effective and efficient competition on the market of access to the Internet, significantly reducing the total cost of the existing ISPs which will result in reduction of prices for internet use.
– Appearance of new domestic ISPs specialized for specific services and content.
– Better conditions for providing Internet to economically unattractive areas in the country (rural, remote areas, etc.).
– Reducing the Internet traffic that transits to international Internet links which will further help to reduce the cost of domestic providers.
– Growth in research and development in information and communication technologies.
– Providing additional backup link for Internet service providers.

Open call

All interested legal entities and individuals who want to join MatrIX and give their contribution to the establishment of comprehensive, functional and stable point for the Internet exchange point, can freely send their comments and suggestions to our official e-mail address.