National academic research networks are a very important factor for each country that developing his information society. They provide services that aim to meet the requirements in the field of education and research.

To go along with other countries in Europe and elsewhere, as well as to exchange experience through the global educational and academic must not be be allowed information marginalization.

In university IT network, the first Internet connection in the academic sphere, was established in 1995 through the VSAT 64Kbps, via satellite link with Vienna.

In 2000, the old satellite link was replaced by an international link from 512Kbps. In 2007, the capacity was increased to 68 Mbps, while today is 310 Mbps through GÈANT. This connection today is used by 60 000 users from academic and research institutions.

Pan-European network – GÈANT is a data network for research and educational community. It aims to connect the European national networks (NRENs).

Overall, it connects more than 50 million users from 10 000 institutions of Europe and via additional connections, GÉANT unifies over 100 national academic research networks.

Understanding this practice MARnet aims to realize:
– interconnection of all research, higher education and other educational institutions in our country and international connectivity with fast Internet access;
– implementation, evaluation and analysis of new services and the latest networking technologies and their implementation;
– participation in relevant international organizations and projects;
– knowledge generation and transferring;
– participation and partnership in developing strategies for development of information society in the country.