What is a domain name and what is hosting?

Domain is the name of the website, a string of characters for identification that includes field of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet-based on domain name system.

Hosting is a place on a server where the web site is set up. This server offers more features and is constantly connected to the Internet, which enables the website to be 24h online.

MARnet do not offer hosting for the domains, only national domain names registration.

Where can I check whether the domain I want to register is free?

In the Register of MARnet by typing the domain name you see the dossier for that domain or get a message that the domain that you are looking for is not registered, which means it is free for registration.

Who can register a .mk and .мкд domain?

Right to register .mk and .мкд domain have all domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities. New domain name is registered with mediation of the Registrar for .mk and .мкд domains.

Who can register a com.mk, net.mk and .int.mk domain?

The right to register such a domains are companies, individuals registered for independent professional activity, persons with public authorities, chambers, cooperatives, financial institutions, legal entities and natural persons registered for economic activity.

Who can register a gov.mk domain?

The right to register gov.mk domain have state administration, institutions and other organizations established by Constitution of the R. Macedonia and law, as well as public companies and local government units and the City of Skopje. Registration of .gov.mk is performed in MARnet.

Who can register edu.mk domain?

The right to register edu.mk domain have educational and research institutions, foreign educational organizations that have a license to perform educational and scientific research etc.

Who can register org.mk domain?

The right to register org.mk domain have nonprofit organizations, civic associations and foundations, political parties, trade unions, public health institutions, funds and other foreign embassies, foreign nonprofit organizations to which the international agreement or under law shall be allowed to carry out profit activity.

For how many years can I register a domain name/extended the validation od the domain and where should I pay?

Period of validity of one domain is from one to a maximum of ten years. The domain is paid annually, and invoicing is done by registrars.

Only for the domains for which MARnet is a registrar, MARnet sends invoiceand have to be paid to the MARnet.

What is administrative and technical contact?

Administrative contact is the person who is obliged to perform administrative duties for the domain, such as timely reporting of changes of data on registrants, authorized persons and domain billing etc.

Technical contact is a person who cares for the smooth functioning of the domain, its correct placement of server and other technical features.

What are name servers?

Names of the servers where the domain is set. The names of the name servers are provided by the hosting company, which is hosted domain. For the correct placement of the domain, it requires at least two namespace servers.

Where can I check current data for my domain?

On the following link https://whois.marnet.mk/, by typing the domain name, you will be shown the entire file of the required domain. If some of the data are no longer valid, it needs to update.

How can I make changes for the domain?

For any change to the domain, you need to contact your chosen registrar. The changes you can submit in written form or electronically, depending on the opportunities that offers the registrar of your choice. The Registrar is obliged to ensure all domain operations to the registrants.

How do I delete the registered domain?

Domain can be deleted by submitting the Domain registration form, in original where the option deletion of the domain is chosen.

Is it allowed to register the domain name with a number or letter?

Name of the .mk domain consists of at least 1 to a maximum of 63 characters, the first and last character can not be a “-” sign (dash).

Name of the .мкд domain consists of at least 3 to a maximum of 30 characters, the first and last character can not be a “-” sign (dash);