About us


MARnet is a public institution that performs activities of public interest.

It is established by passing of the Law of establishing the Macedonian academic research network – MARnet, which is adopted and published on 20.09.2010 in the Official Gazette br.124. With that MARnet acquired status of legal entity by registering in the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia.

With the appointment of the director MARnet officially starts with its work.


MARnet mission is to provide services on a national level and international connectivity of Macedonian academic research network and educational community and support their research and educational activities; promoting and disseminating the use of information and communication technologies especially in the academic and research sector; maintenance and management of the national domain name system, international representation and membership; development of policy and development of the national academic network.


MARNet management is performed by the Board. Board members are appointed and dismissed by the Government of the Republic Macedonia.

Board members are appointed on the principle of professionalism and competence and the principle of equitable representation.


Current members of the Board are:

Pece Mitrevski – Chairman of the Board

Goce Gavrilov

Besnik Rakipi

Anastas Mishev

Blagoj Delipetrev

Ivan Bimbilovski

Festim Halili


MSc Igor Mirceski is appointed as director of MARnet in February 2016.

He was born in 1982 in Skopje. The title Master of communication techniques and technologies, he has acquired at the Technical University of R. Bulgaria in 2007.

Excellent speak English and Bulgarian.

He owns more years of working experience in designing and maintenance of telecommunication networks, optimization and upgrading the GSM networks; actively participate in the construction of the national e-infrastructure and IT standards.

In the field of telecommunications possess multiple certificates and has attended several training seminars and trainings organized by domestic and foreign experts.